Sunday, 19 August 2012


Kanteleen Kutsu Fabric by Marimekko

Today has been the most productive and 'making head-way' kind of day I've ever had, sat on my bottom drinking copious amounts of tea; EVER. I've been focusing all my ideas and sketchy little drawings into a semi-cohesive action plan and a thought process which, I hope, can be followed by someone else in order to convey my ideas.

I am formulating four collections of women's and menswear that will expand and adapt as I grow my skills. Some are completely new, unique designs. In others, inspiration is drawn from shapes and patterns from eras past, updated through the use of contemporary fabrics and detailing. I am also working on a collection that mainly consists of upcycling; bringing old, unloved items back to life and reinventing them in a new way.

To aid me in my work, I have spent the day creating inspiration boards. Although these are for my own personal use and in no way fancy looking, I have also compiled a couple of new boards on Pinterest as a way to share with you some of the things that have me all a flutter.

You can find my style inspiration board here, and my fabric design inspiration board here.

Amazing things are about to happen. I hope.

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