Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Elusive Bear

First and foremost, my apologies. I have been absent from the blog for many a week, for a myriad of reasons. Primarily, that since finding work and starting a diploma, I'm pretty much brain-dead by 4pm. However, on the days where I find myself almost comprehendible, I vouch to take the time to write a little something for you. I will try my best anyway.

So....I begin with some rather exciting news. On Tuesday, I shared a very lovely victory with some of my collegues at Threadneedle when we picked up runner-up prize in Holmfirth Film Festival's short film competition! And we came second to an Oscar nominated production and beat a film by SIR David Jason, I might add! Yes,
the David Jason! The film, entitled [punctuated], written and directed by Dermot Daly, is the first collaboration between Threadneedle and Chocolate Bear Productions. Here we are with our award:

After all the excitement surrounding this momentous event, I found myself flooded with ideas for more short films. I seem to be finding inspiration from everywhere. Yesterday, I was working on the concept for a short entitled
Feline, following the day in the life of a man and a kitten.

Cats and kittens in all their sweet playfulness have been on my mind ever since. Hence why I stumbled on these images of rather lovable knitted cats.

Hand Knitted Things


And something I probably shouldn't love quite as much as I do...knitted stuff on cats.

Hopefully my cat won't see this image. He'll hide from me for weeks.

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