Thursday, 7 October 2010

Travel Diary, Entry 1

Friday 6th August
Set off from Holmfirth for the port of Dover at 3.45pm. After a 6 hour drive, with thankfully hardly any traffic, we arrived well ahead of time and took our place at the front of the cue for the 11.55pm ferry to Calais. While we waited, we (I say we, I mean the 'men') puzzled over how/where to position our headlight stickers and GB sticker, as our Renault Megane Hatchback was nowhere to be seen on the list of hundreds and hundreds of European cars!
Ferry= huge. Funny to think that there were at least 10 or so big lorries in the car hold! Definitely don't have sea legs. I'm stumbling around like a drunkard with little yellow birdies flapping round my head. Shops very nice but duty free still expensive. Must sleep to prevent being sick. Hopefully.

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