Thursday, 25 February 2010

Current Craftings

I've finished a few more creations over the past week or so, just a quickie post to show a few of the things I've been working on.

My 'Truly Scrumpy' range consists largely of lots of knitted items. Headbands, brooches, hairclips etc. I love making lovely chunky rib headbands to keep your ears warm in winter. Here's a few I've completed, still in the progress of finishing a black version of the red one and one in a lovely grey Rowan combination yarn :)

I'm keeping the orange headbands for myself >.<

I've also been having a crack at some cushion covers. Since the boy and I are looking to invest in a little home for ourselves, I thought I'd teach myself some good old fashioned methods so I can make curtains, duvets, pillowcases, rugs etc. I'm wanting to have a go at making a huge rug entirely from this space.

This one I customized from a plain pink satin BHS cover that needed a bit of revamping. The chinese material panels came off an old denim skirt.

Made using old sofa upholstery fabric. Not quite finished, needs zip/velcro/poppers and tassels on the corners.

Vintage silk ties, opened out, ironed flat and sew together in even (ish) stripes. In need of one more tie before I can sew up sides.

I'm working on uploading some Scrumpy stuff on to my Etsy site, but I've just got a new job at a coffee shop (at last!) so my time's a bit more limited now.

Truly Scrumpy Shop:

Keep an eye out for products, they're coming soon!

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